Spark to Shadow – TBR & Beyond Blog Tour: Review and 5 reasons why it should be your next read!

by Ari

Spark to Shadow - TBR & Beyond Blog Tour: Review and 5 reasons why it should be your next read!

Happy Monday Coven!! How are you?

We are super excited to share our review of Atima Kim’s bookSpark to Shadow and 5 reasons why you should read it! Click here for the full schedule!

Spark to Shadow – TBR & Beyond Blog Tour: Review and 5 reasons why it should be your next read!Spark to Shadow by Atima Kim
Published on 2021-02 by Atima Kim
Format: ARC, eBook provided by TBR&Beyond
Pages: 470
Purchase Links*:
Genres: Fantasy, General, Romance, Young Adult Fiction

Witch. Warrior. Dragon Rider.

Long ago, the covens of the east made a pact to bring peace to the continent. To unite the clans and create a new era of witches, starting with the next generation of matrons. Fang is the first witch of her generation to reach her debut, as the next matron of her coven she has the unique honor of being the first one to fulfill the pact. For the first time in centuries, a Miangese witch will take a foreign consort. Luckily, Fang already has someone in mind. Taken in by the Sun coven in the mountain kingdom of Anda, Fang is more than happy to entertain the alluring young lords of the ruby clan as they compete to win her affections, not knowing her choice has already been made. Or so she thought. Until a chance encounter brings to light the existence of something Fang previously thought to be quite rare, a male witch. The meeting of this young shadow witch- a boy who Fang now owes a debt- starts a chain of events that will make Fang question everything she thought she knew about her Andan allies. In an effort to help him escape his oppressors, Fang and the shadow witch discover a dark presence that is slowly poisoning the innocent citizens of mortal Anda, and a dangerous weapon that could threaten the very peace of the pact that Fang is bound to uphold. As she, her friends, and her new shadow witch companion work to fight against these looming forces, Fang's feelings towards her own choices slowly start to shift. She must decide what is more important to her, who she wants by her side, and most of all- what she's willing to give up in order to be the leader her people need.

This book was received for free from TBR&Beyond in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of this review.We'd like to thank the publishers and TBR&Beyond for the review copy.

“A witch was her own best weapon”.

Meet Fang, a beautiful witch that is sent to the kingdom of Anda with one purpose: to find a suitable consort, or wether, a male witch with no magic; or another fancy word for a squib. Have you read the Selection? If you enjoy books with that Bachelor vibe, then you will definitely find something to enjoy in “Spark to Shadow”. 

The Andan Kingdom is for Fang very different from her own country, with constricting laws and witches that care only about their own. The Sun Coven that hosts her has their own agenda though; Fang already knows the clan leader’s son, who expects her to choose him in the end.  Their “plan” is thrown off course however when Fang meets Sanha, a shadow witch (Darkling vibes anyone??). Male witches are very rare and a union between two witches would make their offspring pretty powerful. I must confess that the plot came off predictable. Nonetheless, it totally kept my interest!
If you are looking for a solid fantasy read you can’t go wrong with Spark to Shadow!

  1. You can’t resist a witchy tale.
    (We can’t either).
  2. You prefer standalones.
    (Who can blame you really?? I have the memory of a goldfish and I cannot keep up with my sequels).
  3. Shadow powers (+fireeee).
    (I just can’t get enough of any Darkling like character).
  4. and dragons….. (enough said).
  5. Matriarchy.
    (The women call the shots on this one and we approve).
  6. Banter and romance.
    (Look we know we said five reason but you can never go wrong with these).

At a Glance

Spark to Shadow by Atima Kim



Don’t let the plain cover fool you, Spark to Shadow was a lovely read!!


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About Atima Kim

Atima has been coming up with stories for as long as she can remember. As soon as she learned how to read and write she was putting pen to paper and dreaming up new worlds and adventure. Her life has always been on the page and as she grew up and her interests changed so did her writing. She loves creating places to escape, and more than anything she loves writing about love. She was born in the Midwestern US, to a Thai mother and American father. Her home has always been a mix of languages and cultures, and remains so today. She likee to draw on the places and people and culture that influence her life as inspiration in her writing and she hopes to join the ranks of other Asian American authors representing diverse cultures and voices in the writing community through her books.

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