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Sunday Post #4 – Entered the Grishaverse

by Ari

Hello Coven! Happy Sunday! It’s Easter here and it’s a long weekend which means more free time to read! Did you see the final trailer for “Shadow and Bone”?? I am a little bit worried about the merging storylines but we just have to wait and see. From the Grishaverse books I had only read the Six of Crows, which I loved (I didn’t pick up Crooked Kingdom immediately afterwards because at the time I read the Poppy War and I got destroyed). This week I finally finally picked up “Shadow and Bone” and now I’m already buddy reading the second book, Siege and Storm! So far so good!? I hope to finish my review of the first book soon-ish; ideally I want to read them all before the show hits the small screen. Have you read any Grishaverse books? Please don’t put any spoilers in the comments, I’m avoiding them as the plague! ?Especially now that the last book, the Rule of Wolves got released!

I also got my illumicrate february box! I’m working on a couple of recent unboxings; expect to have them up as well soon-ish! (I should really work out an upload schedule!!)


I did manage to finish The Prison Healer on time (review to come soon), and I squealed when I saw my approval for “She who became the Sun”. I think I’m on a roll with approvals!!! I hope I won’t get burned out!!

Expected publication: June 10th 2021
Expected publication: July 22nd 2021
Book Haul

I didn’t buy any books the last two weeks, as my book budget got blown with all the special editions book boxes keep throwing at us!?(lookin’ at you Fairyloot!!!)

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited for
Expected publication: April 6th 2021
Expected publication: April 6th 2021
Currently Reading


Reading and listening to this one!
I saw an early review of this and I’m so happy to get my hands on an ARC. Now I must hurry and finish this before its release in two weeks!


A childhood favorite, this is the first time I’m reading this in english. The audio is fantastic!
I started this on Friday, expecting it to be super creepy, but so far it’s pretty okay! It’s been forever since I picked up a contemporary book

How about you? What did you read this week? Do you have any of the books I mentioned on your shelves? Tell us in the comments!

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