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Sunday Post #3 – Hamilton gained even more fans!

by Ari

Hello Coven! I hope you are doing well! It’s been a quiet week over here and I did manage to finish an audiobook (yay!). Mainly, I’m working on some of the pages here on the blog. Wordpress is still new to me and takes me ages to organize the blocks on a page. Plus, I get distracted creating header images on photoshop. It’s so much fun!

Anyways, back to reading: I was on the last chapter of Retta’s memoir and she kept gushing over Hamilton, the musical. She hyped the show so much that when I came home from work (I was listening on my way back) I had to watch Hamilton. So we did. And let me tell you: I was not prepared. It’s phenomenal. People kept saying that it’s groundbreaking and it’s like nothing you have ever seen before and they are right. I honestly thought such claims were exaggerations but nope. It’s not just that the music is good (it’s excellent btw), it’s a very emotional show too and you won’t expect that going in. I mean it’s a rap musical based on the life of the first US treasury secretary. But Retta once again warned me; you will cry, you will bawl. And I did. So, I owe her my gratitude for promoting so wholeheartedly that marvellous piece of art.

Jimmy Fallon Hamilton GIF by PBS - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you haven’t, go watch Hamilton, it’s on disney+ and if you don’t have disney+, go make an account just to watch Hamilton. I’m telling you it’s *so* worth it. When theaters open again, we are definitely gonna try and catch the live show in London!

Apart from listening to that soundtrack non stop (I actually lost count how many times I listened to Guns and Ships or to Who lives, who dies, who tells your story; I know it’s difficult to find a fav title) I did browse the netgalley catalog and got some exciting approvals:

Expected publication: April 13th 2021
Expected publication: May 4th 2021
Expected publication: June 15th 2021

I’m very excited to read all of them. I think I’ll start with “The prison healer”, because it has a closer publication date.

Book Haul

Shelf Additions

Expected publication: April 29th 2021
Expected publication: May 13th 2021 
Expected publication: September 16th 2021
Waterstones Exclusive

Kindle Additions

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited for

How about you? What did you read this week? Do you have any of the books I mentioned on your shelves? Tell us in the comments!

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Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

Hamilton is my favorite musical so I always get excited whenever I hear someone else say it lives up to the hype. 🙂

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