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Sunday Post #2 : Reading Slump and all that jazz

by Ari

Happy Sunday Coven!! How are you? I have hit the much dreaded reading slump wall and nothing I pick up excites me… I did start listening to the Crooked House by Agatha Christie, so hopefully it’s only temporarily. I feel that there are so many books I want to read, and I get overwhelmed. Eventually, I give up and end up buying more books!

Soooo, here is a wrap-up of this week:

Book Haul: Filling up these shelves (virtual and otherwise)

Audible’s sale had a lot of titles on my wishlist:

Upcoming Releases (15th-21st March)
Around the Web
  • HBO picked up Madeline Miller’s Circe to bring to the small screen and I cannot wait! (Seelie)
  • Forbidden Planet revealed their exclusive of the upcoming Kristoff book and I must say that I prefer the original UK cover: (with Illumicrate, Goldsboro and perhaps Fairyloot picking this one up, Jay’s fans would fill an entire shelf just with editions of this book)
FP edition
orignal UK cover

Honestly it’s not a book I’m looking forward to reading, but I must say that the author can really sell his work, you can say that he has a way with words! *laughs at her own joke*

Moving on…

Get it here
  • Not book related, but I seriously cannot stop listening to the song “The Road” by Fauzia. Seriously, it’s that good! (? listen)
  • I came across this wonderful list:

Do you spot any that sound particularly gorgeous? ?

Let us know!
Mine was Syzygyx

Until next Sunday, I’ll leave you with this:

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Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
3 years ago

I am looking forward to reading Empire of the Vampire. It’s adult and 100% agree about his marketing. Enjoy your upcoming books.

3 years ago

Definitely ‘diaphanus’ ?

3 years ago

ahaha that meme is totally me!

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