Here Lies Olive by Kate Anderson TBR & Beyond Blog Tour ● Promo Post

by Bookish Coven

Here Lies Olive by Kate Anderson TBR & Beyond Blog Tour ● Promo Post

Hello everyone! Today we have a promo post about the brand new release of “Here Lies Olive” by Kate Anderson.

Here Lies Olive by Kate Anderson TBR & Beyond Blog Tour ● Promo PostHere Lies Olive by Kate Anderson
Published on October 24, 2023 by North Star Editions
Pages: 304
Purchase Links*:
Genres: Young Adult Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ, Young Adult Fiction / Romance / Paranormal

Growing up in the dark tourism capital of the United States, sixteen-year-old Olive should be comfortable with death. But ever since an allergic reaction almost sent her to the wrong side of the grass, she's been terrified that there is no afterlife. And after the death of her surrogate grandmother, Olive has kept everyone at arm's length because if there's Nothing after we die, relationships and love can only end in sorrow.

When she summons a spirit to answer her questions about death, Olive meets Jay, a hitchhiking ghost trapped in the woods behind the poorhouse where he died. Olive agrees to help Jay find his unmarked grave in exchange for answers about the other side and what comes next.

Meanwhile, someone--or something--is targeting Olive's classmates, and the longer Jay lingers, the more serious the attacks become. Blaming herself for having brought Jay back, Olive teams up with maybe-nemesis, maybe-crush Maren, ex-best friend Davis, and new girl Vanessa to free Jay's spirit before he's trapped as a malevolent shade and the attacks turn deadly. But in doing so, Olive must face her fear of death and risk losing another person she loves to the Nothing.

Rep: sapphic relationship, queer

The book sounds very intriguing and we are putting it into our never ending TBR. How about you?

About Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson lives in Utah with her husband and four children. When she’s not writing, she’s embroidering her favorite book covers, exploring the mountains, or planning road trips to places that are off the beaten path–the weirder, the better. Here Lies Olive is her first book

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